So you want to immigrate to Canada, but you don’t know how.  It’s not too hard. Visiting Canada is fairly easy so long as you have a passport and your ID handy.  It will depend on why you want to go and for what purpose you’re making the trip, but overall it isn’t as hard as some make it sound.

You will typically asked a series of questions in order to find out just what programs you can apply for and which will suit you best. Every program has a different application and eligibility requirements that need to be met. Each form only takes about ten to fifteen minutes to finish.

The questions you’ll be asked will likely include:


Your nationality.

The officials in charge of immigration will want to know where you’re coming from, as this could possibly affect your eligibility.

Your age.

Depending on how old you are you may or may not qualify for certain programs but be more suited for others.

Your language ability.

Some countries will require you to have at least some proficiency with their native language before allowing you past their border.

Family members.

Do you have family members in the country? Are you bringing family members with you? These questions will be important as you need to be clear and concise with your answers.

Your level of education.

If you’re attempting to enter as a student you will need to provide transcripts or proof of education in some form that will identify you as a student and possibly place you in a program that is best suited for your needs.

Your work experience.

If you’re coming to Canada to begin a job, or to look for a job, you will need to show that you can perform a needed skill or at least something that can identify you as a possible contributor to the local economy. Most countries don’t wish to let people in that will only become a drain on their system.

Your income and/or net worth.

Many countries want to know what you are going to be able to contribute to their economy.

If you have a job offer you will need to provide proof.

.It doesn’t work to just say “I’m moving because of my job.” The officials in charge of letting you apply for immigration status will want some solid proof that you have a job waiting for you.

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