The United Kingdom actually holds one of the toughest immigration regimes throughout the world. Despite the hurdles and barriers that are designed specifically to limit the excessive inflow of immigrants Great Britain has remained strong throughout the years.  It takes a great deal of effort to immigrate to the UK and those that try are typically from India and other parts of Asia.

Immigrants are very likely to be put in to one of two tiers when seeking to immigrate.  The eligibility of each immigrant is dependent upon a point system that is derived from an evaluation of their potential and character. It seems like a lot to digest, but the UK has its own ideas concerning who gets in and how many people will be accepted. What must be remembered however is that not only is the UK highly specialized in how it is run as a country, but it is also an island unto itself, and is not overly large. This, along with the very elitist attitudes that tend to drive the UK, are why immigration is so extensively watched.

There are those who are considered to be more desirable to the country and will be allowed in largely because they can have a direct impact upon the economy. Such individuals are typically classified as Tier 1 and are usually:

Top notch professionals.

These individuals generally have to be nominated for residency, and can include members of royalty, those on the arts council, anyone having to do with the British Academy, and even those that are connected to the Royal Academy of Engineering.


Business owners.

These individuals must have funds that can be accessed and put to use for the good of the country. They still must be evaluated on the points system and all other criteria that will impact their chance of being allowed into the country. Such individuals can be business investors, skilled merchants, or anyone that is deemed as worthy of being made a resident of the UK.

Tier 2 applicants are those that are allowed to come into the country thanks to special circumstances, practices, religion, or hobbies in which they have ranked at the top of their field. There is a very typical waiting period for some, while others seem to be allowed in without much of a fuss. Overall, England is a hard place to get into, and not everyone can just walk in as with other countries.


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