There aren’t as many wild areas left in America today, but there are still enough to be impressive. Within any state there are still locations that are considered to be wild, and some that are even protected by the taxpayer and the continual efforts put forth to keep nature in all its pristine form. Each region of the USA offers its own pleasing form of wildlife and natural beauty, and is able to satisfy most any person that is looking for a specific place.

There are deserts, there are jungles, forests, mountains, and wide open plains that offer a wide variety of sights and sensations that range from the desolate to the most wondrous feelings a person can have. Some areas are so magnificent it takes the breath away just to see them, while others are so dim and uninviting that one has to wonder why they are still protected. The answer of course is that America is a land that is so rich with diversity that to take any one piece away is to diminish the nation as a whole.

What remains after so many years of growth however might be dwindling, as each and every passing year the wild frontier that once was begins to slowly decrease with the onset of an increasing population. This is why jobs that exist to help preserve nature and all its wonder are so important, and why immigrants are important to the USA. Immigrants provide a different look into the wilds of the country that American-born citizens might not fully understand or be able to see. The addition of a new perspective is always welcome and can even create a new understanding that can help to preserve a land that is so rich in diversity.

Immigration can also help to preserve the way of life within America that was built upon different cultures and beliefs.  From one border to another America is a land that shares a multitude of beliefs when it comes to the welfare of the nation and how it will continue in the years to come. To think that immigrants do nothing other than add to the numbers and the economy of the nation is quite absurd, as immigrants have helped to build this country into what it currently is, and will hopefully be in the years to come.

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