The average person will experience a great deal of stress before, during, and after an interview. This stress usually has to do with the level of preparation you take before entering the interview, and can be lessened if you follow these important steps:


1) Dress in a professional manner.

What you wear to an interview will say a lot about you and how you will be seen by the interviewer. Make sure your outfit is clean, pressed, and is appropriate for the job you are seeking. You can try the outfit on to make sure that you can move and that it gives you free range of motion.


2) Know your resume inside and out.

Anything that is on your resume is something that your interviewer might potentially want to talk about. You will need to be able to discuss every single point of your resume in detail. You should be able to reply confidently and without fail.


3) Practice giving concise and honest answers to common interview questions.

These questions can be found online and are some of the most basic queries that most interviewers will use to assess your value as a potential employee.  A few of them include:


* “Tell me about yourself.”

* “Why do you think that you are right for this job?”

* “Why should I hire you over someone else?”


Keep in mind that the employer doesn’t know the answers to these questions. It’s up to you to provide this information and to keep it convincing.


4) Do some research on the company and the position.

You wanted to work for this company, and the interviewer will want to know why. Learn about the company and be able to show your competence about the desired position during the interview.


5) Be on time.

This cannot be stressed enough. Interviewers don’t want to wait on you. There are always plenty of people vying for the same position, and if you can’t be on time then you will likely miss out on the opportunity. Print out directions, set an alarm, just do whatever you need to be on time.




The key to any interview is to look professional, know what you’re talking about, and above all, be confident. Interviewers are looking at you as a potential asset, and will look at every possible angle to determine who you are and what you are worth.

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