You might ask yourself this question at times because let’s face it, writing seems a bit outdated now and again. But still, think about it a little more and you’ll realize that writing is one of our main forms of communication. It’s one of the biggest reasons that civilization took off. It’s how we keep our history, it’s how we convey messages to one another, and it’s a part of our everyday life no matter how much you try to deny it.

Do you read the morning news? Do you listen to presidential speeches? Do you read at all?  Well consider this the next time you listen to a speech or a newscast. Someone had to write it. No matter if it sounds stupid, inane, or amazing, someone had to put the words to paper or digital copy and hand it over to the person that presents it. Writers are quite often the voice that goes unheard despite their efforts.

Those that cannot write on their own often will seek out a writer that is skilled enough when it comes to putting words in the proper order to invoke a positive response. Yet for all this, the writer is often treated to a paltry sum for their efforts, if they receive anything at all, while those that accept the work go on towards whatever glory and recognition is to be had. A bid for fame isn’t always what most writers want, but a decent paycheck and a byline are quite appreciated at times.

Writers are behind virtually every piece of communication you see in use today, and are far too often taken for granted considering what they do. Marketing campaigns, public speeches, important policies that are created and pushed through, epic tales and even simple academic papers, all of these have a writer standing behind them to insure that the face spewing the words will have the right material to give to the public. If not for writers, a great deal of civilization would have already been long lost to a history that no one would have ever written.

My point? Don’t take writers for granted, and understand just how much society needs our words.

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