While it’s possible to burn calories faster in the shower, the method which is used is not typically recommended.  The reason behind this is the fact that losing calories in the shower usually comes in the form of taking long, cold showers that can expose the body to the risk of hypothermia. It is entirely possible to burn more calories as the likelihood of the body attempting to warm itself will burn more and more calories in order to maintain a steady body temperature, but it is not a decisive way to lose weight.

The reasons why this is so controversial include:

1) Long, cold showers can cause hypothermia.

            It only takes a few minutes in an icy shower to cause hypothermia, which can slow the reflexes and even affect the heart.

2) This method is not proven to work.

            Despite scientific studies claiming that it is possible those same studies are still inconclusive when it comes to the overall success of this method.

            The idea of burning calories by using exposure to the cold isn’t new by any means, as it is an idea that has been around for decades.  A cool bath, not necessarily cold, can help to burn fat by stimulating the body into burning more calories for warmth. This means that any stored carbohydrates that could be the cause of increased weight gain would be utilized in the process of staying warm and maintaining the body’s necessary core temperature.   

            A person’s body will in fact become more active the colder it gets as to function properly the body must be kept at an optimal temperature. When the body’s temperature gets too cool it will enter a phase known as “non-shivering thermogenesis, which is essentially when calories begin to burn in order to keep the core temperature stable. Should a person’s internal temperature lower even further however the body will begin to shiver to generate more movement and therefore more heat, which can increase the calorie burn even further. 

Cool to cold showers can in theory help to lose any unwanted weight. Two different occurrences can be observed when using a cool shower to lose weight. Those are:

1) The production of “brown fat”.

  An increase in brown fat levels could possibly help with weight control by upping the average calorie burn during an average day.  It is also known to be metabolically active unlike other fats, and will actively burn calories to produce needed body heat.

2) The production of the hormone irisin.

This hormone is largely responsible for the production of brown fat and is generally caused by an increase in shivering that is brought on by continual cold. 

 If you’re already on a steady exercise regimen it is recommended that you stay on it rather than try this controversial method, as it is considered to be high-risk when it comes to losing weight.  Despite the success that a small number of people have experienced, it is better to take the long, hard road towards weight loss than to risk damaging your body in any way to shed a few pounds quickly.

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