Even before the interview it’s possible to get psyched out and worked up to the point that the brain simply shuts down. People worry about jumping from one job to another, they worry over the security they might be losing in switching employers, and tend to stress out over the smallest to the largest things that may or may not matter. The job search will go as it must, but in order for it to have even a chance of success the average individual must remember that by keeping themselves balanced and in a calm, relaxed state.  Being stressed out only works against the individual, and can ruin the chances of landing that one in a life time opportunity that might be waiting. Here are a few things you can do to calm yourself before and during a job search.


1) Remind yourself why you’re seeking a new job.

            It could be that the job you have now is too stressful, too demanding, or it might just be time for a change. Most people don’t switch jobs unless there is a good and justifiable reason, so don’t start second-guessing yourself before you even begin looking.


2) Your future employer will look for someone with confidence.

            If you’re continually stressing out and trying to make the best impression possible it will show, and this will work against you more often than not. Employers are more impressed by those individuals that can work under pressure and still exude a sense of calm while dealing with one problem after another. If you fall apart during the search then there’s little hope for the interview. Calm down, breathe, and relax.


3) Too much stress can be harmful for the body and the mind.

            Ever hear of people going to the hospital with a stress-related illness?  The effects of stress on the body and the mind are very real and can happen with minimal effort. By keeping calm and relaxed you will spend less time in the sick room and more time showing potential employers that you are reliable and, most important, stable. 




            There are many ways to remain calm and relaxed during your day, be it exercise, meditation, or just taking a moment to yourself.  By eliminating or minimizing stress you will find that your emotional state will balance and your mind will become a quiet haven you can retreat to when necessary.


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