The economic woes of America didn’t just impact those in their younger to middle years. Seniors have also been forced to go out looking for another means of income. The only real issue with this is that for those that have just slipped into their retirement years, finding a job isn’t the same as it used to be decades ago.  Thankfully there are a few strategies that exist to help those that might have trouble adapting to the changes that have reshaped the job market.


1) Don’t be shy about highlighting your experience and expertise in any given field.

            You’re going to be competing for jobs with a much younger crowd that is typically more physically fit for many positions. What works in your favor is that most seniors have the benefit of experience when it comes to specific jobs and tasks that are required by the employer. Younger individuals don’t have those years of expertise behind them to offer, a common fact that can work in your favor.


2) Take your time and pick the jobs that are right for you.

            Always take into account the reason why you’re attempting to find another job. Is it to have something to do?  Do you need the extra income?  Make sure of why you’re stepping back into the job market and plan accordingly. The last thing you want to do is apply for a job without any real idea of what you want to do.  


3) Take the time to update your resume.

            Take a look at the positions you want to apply for and what kind of skills they require. By this point in your life your resume might read like a novella or at least a short story, so keep it concise and to the point. Remember that employers want to know more about you, but they don’t want your entire life story.  Try to highlight the skills that the employer is looking for.


4) Take your time and relax.

            Remember that you’ve been in this situation before and just breathe. Finding a job is a process and doesn’t need to be rushed. Look at your options and make your preparations and be confident in what you have to offer.




            Your value to the job market won’t fade just because you’re getting on in years. Find the right job and make the attempt.  Remember, you’ve been here before.

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