Life on the Coast

                Depending on where you decide to walk at the coast you might find walking either a chore or a pleasure. The hard slap of your soles on the concrete sidewalk is a easily replaced by the feel of hard-packed sand that has both give and bounce.  The former tends to let you move quicker, but the latter allows you enjoy your stroll as you inhale the sweet tang of the salt air that permeates the landscape. Stiff breezes that blow along sandy surface invoke a sense of peace as well as contentment that might be difficult to walk against, but can invigorate the body like little else can.

                Coastal towns offer a wide variety of home grown comforts. If one ever grows tired of walking on the sand most coastal towns are hotbeds of tourism and down home delights. Stop into the local café or pub for a bite to eat. The atmosphere is almost always friendly, comfortable, and yet very utilitarian. The frippery of other tourist spots isn’t always seen on the coast, as this style of living is harder but much more fulfilling. From the stores to the food to the very attitude of life on the coast, most things that are to be found are for comfort and function, not so much form. 

                 The coast is a hard place and worth every inch of effort it takes to thrive. Those that call the coast home are harder, well-seasoned, and quite used to rough living. The saying goes that they suffer the effects of the weather first and worst, and there is stark truth to such words. Living on the coastline means suffering the initial brunt of any storm that makes its way in off of the ocean, and enduring the first and hardest hit that is to be offered. This however is what makes coastal living hard, but also bearable.  People that live on the coast know the feeling of a storm moving in, and they know that whatever might come will be endured as it always has.  There is strength in living so close to a force of nature that could eradicate a small town with little effort, but there is also the understanding that if such a thing were to happen, those left would simply rebuild.  That is the life of a coastal native, and it is one that many see as the only way to live.


                Life on the coast can be a great deal harder than some people care for, but it can also be so much more rewarding than living in the city. The scenery is far more beautiful, the air is cleaner, and it’s far easier to be content with what one has.  This makes for a far more fulfilling life, and offers a great deal of satisfaction that balances out any risk.

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