Getting ready to look for a new job can be stressful, but there are ways that you can organize and optimize such a search.  This is important to accomplish before beginning your job search, mainly due to the fact that plowing ahead without a clear idea of what to do or how to do it can leave you frustrated and seeking to settle for the first opportunity that comes your way.


1)  Set a limit for your job search.

            Create a well-defined goal to reach each day and an idea of how long it will take you to get organized.


2) Figure out a location to start your job search from.

            You can stay at home, go to the library, or even visit an internet café.  Just be certain to find a place that is conducive to your needs and be consistent when starting your search.  Make it a habit to use the same place each time.


3) Keep a clean workspace.

            While some people can work in the chaos and clutter, it’s best to avoid it altogether when seeking to begin a job search. The more you can eliminate from your work space the fewer distractions you will have, and the more productive you will be.


4) Use only the materials you will need.

            Figure out what you’re going to need for your job search and keep it on hand. A computer, internet access, and a printer are absolute must-haves for most job searches. Also keep on hand such things as pens, sticky notes, and a planner of some sort. Keep a phone nearby and invest in a filing cabinet where you can store any pertinent information.


5) Develop a schedule.

            Make it a habit to commit to your job search for a well-defined period of time each day. Find a period of time that you are either not busy or can reasonably commit to the search.


6) Keep your resume updated and use only the most essential information.

            You want your resume to be as professional as possible and contain only that information which is most pertinent in order to gain the first interview.  Have another person look at your resume and give you an honest critique to help find any weak points.




            Getting organized is not as difficult as it seems. By clearing away any unnecessary clutter you can grant yourself a better chance at success.


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