It’s too cold!

We cry when the winter wind blows.

It’s too hot!

Say the people as they shed their clothes.

It’s too wet!

Say those that brake in the rain.

Never a season it seems

That people seem to refrain.

Hot or cold, chill, wet, or warm,

Chaotic weather is the norm.

This is the northwest people, our weather  is not the best

It rains, it shines, it blows, it snows

But not nearly as much as the rest.

-To all of you that think we get weather here, keep in mind what happens in other parts of the nation. We close our schools when there’s an inch of snow and ice on the roads, other locations are still operating under several FEET of snow. Our storms are hard, but our homes usually remain when they are spent. The rain is hard and lasts for days on end, but we are northwesterners. We can take it.

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