By Tom Foster

Why do certain television shows and movies become popular? What do their messages say to certain people that others simply can’t pick up on?  Why do some of the most ludicrous plot ideas make it to the screen while others that made more sense are left on the cutting room floor so to speak?

We can theorize and give answers that stem from emotion and reason alike, but one thing that many people can agree upon is that no matter how bad a television show or a movie might be, there will be people that flock to it. For instance, anyone remember shows like MTV’s “The Real World”? Or maybe you remember the flop that was the “Jersey Shore”? Reality television was a big thing for quite a while and still demands a great amount of attention from those that seem to think that people responding to one another in front of a camera and an audience of millions is in any way genuine.

Do you react the same when you know people are watching? Chances are the answer is no, especially in moments of great frustration, stress, or even elation.  So then what does that say about “reality” television?  Okay, rant over for now.

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