Epilogue: A World to Change




            A fair wind blew upon the lands as Sanu’te’ looked upon the far horizon to the north, their intended destination still as of yet unknown.  She managed the ghost of a grin as she heard those behind her trundling forward from the keep, a few of them no doubt quite sorry for the lateness in which sleep had claimed them last night. 

            The coronation had been followed shortly by what could only be described as a hearty and boisterous revel, one that any kingdom should have been proud of.  People had turned out from as far as beyond the Gala’Dey Mountains to usher in the new queen’s reign, bringing forth in great quantites food, drink, and merriment that had spread from the keep and into the streets of the city beyond as the whole of the kingdom had rejoiced in their new monarch. 

            Sanu’te’ had kept herself reserved for the most part, partaking of just enough food to remain comfortably full and enough drink to wash it down.  She could drink with the best of them, though she knew upon the next day that she would desire a clear head and sharp wits, for their journey would no doubt be long and arduous, no matter that she knew it would be far more full with the friends who would be at her side. 

            “Must we leave so early?” she heard from behind her, recognizing Vanerian’s pained voice as the woman held one hand to her head, “And will someone please tell the band to stop playing already?”  Again, that ghost of a smile came to her lips, knowing full well that not a one of them, not even Tirekan, had missed out on the night’s revels.  It had been curious however, she’d not seen the she-dragon from just shortly after the feast had begun until this morning, making her wonder where she had wandered off to.

            The dragon was in her natural form, her scales glimmering in the morning sunlight as she shook herself upon coming to stand near, or rather, over, Sanu’te’, her wings flexing and her long, sinuous neck craning around so that she faced the warrior woman.

            Sanu’te’ could not help but note the glimmer in Tirekan’s eye this morning, a rather strange look that she could not decipher.  It was almost as though the dragon was, strangely enough, glowing. 

            “Are we ready then?” Tirekan asked, her booming voice rolling out upon the landscape as she and Sanu’te’ looked back to find the others meandering forward, the two garoks standing near the keep, where Sanu’te’ and Seykara would mount their feathered backs before departing shortly after. 

            Sia and Adelyn would ride upon the backs of the great birds with Sanu’te’ and Seykara, while the two Brya Maidya and Vanerian would tak their place upon Tirekan’s strong back. 

            The revelers had remained throughout the night, paying homage to their new queen through song, dance, and gifts lavished upon her, gifts that she had accepted and vowed to put to good use.  Sanu’te’ knew in her heart that Linnae would be a good queen, she understood the people far better than most.  Sia and Adelyn had made a wise choice.

            The druids had decided to remain for awhile, save for Seyla, who would gather her councilor, the Jundar halfling Cooya, and depart for Rastoleth in another day or so.  There was much to be done, much to be discussed, and a kingdom to be run.  It was a bit comforting to know that Linnae had decided to keep the Lainstone name, if only to honor those who had ruled before her. 

            Sanu’te’ was content, knowing in her heart that matters had turned out for the better upon Ivim.  Whether they would do so within the  lands of Mydest remained to be seen, though now she had faith that at the very least, those in power would seek to help the people rather than subjugate them.  For all that he had once hearkened to the order of Khoranthus, Amner was a man who seemed inclined to follow what he believed was right, and not what the archaic laws of an outdated order might claim were just and righteous.  That was why he had made such a fine bakan, and why he would rule well as mayor.

            They had already said their goodbyes, seeing no need to prolong them any further.  This kingdom would prosper under the guidance of its queen and those who stood at her side, of that there was no doubt.  As Sanu’te’ walked silently to her mount, she noted as Seykara and the two former princesses joined her, striding forward purposefully as they exchanged glances with her.  As Seykara and Adelyn came to stand beside Cerek however, her student called out to Sanu’te’ before climbing the garok’s back.

            “Where are we headed to?” Seykara asked with a grin.

            Sanu’te’s eyes sparkled briefly as she looked to Sia, and then back to Seykara, “We follow the horizon, and whatever comes after.”

            It seemed as good an answer as any.

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