By Tom Foster

A lot of us might have fictional characters that we idolize and have looked up to as kids. As the years go by we might forget about them as we grow up, maybe even lose track of their story as we start noticing the wider world around us. But for those of us that were weaned on comic books and stayed faithful to the overall feel of the world within the page it became an absolute treat when we our patience was finally rewarded with the appearance of those heroes in the flesh.

One such character is James Howlett, aka Logan, or as many fans the world over will know him as, the Wolverine. Ever since he came onto the scene the ferocious mutant with the badass attitude and distinctive claws sprouting from each hand managed to grab the attention of many readers and never let go. It’s almost hard to imagine a comic world with Wolverine any longer, as he’s been a pervasive figure throughout many different stories.  He’s the working man’s anti-hero in a way considering that knows what he does isn’t very nice, but he still strives to remain the best at it.

Throughout the decades Wolverine has undergone many changes, from his appearance to the softening of his tough-guy demeanor. There’s always been something lurking beneath the animalistic side, but Logan’s always been good about keeping it hidden.  That could be why he’s been such a popular draw for so long, largely because he identifies with the crowd despite his oddities. Logan has for the most part attempted to get along with society, but still remain apart from it.

The newest installment of Logan’s story depicts the man that couldn’t be killed finally showing a bit of wear and tear as his advanced years and the continued exposure to his unbreakable skeleton finally cause his body to start wearing out.  He’s distanced himself from almost everyone, but still remains a part of society out of necessity. His relationship with his fellow mutants, those that remain, is sketchy and even a bit argumentative at times, but it has become something to cling to and, in some cases, cherish.

When presented with the reality that there is another mutant like him however, Logan is loathe to take on yet another responsibility. This is the Wolverine that we all know and love, the tough guy that wants no part of a fight that isn’t his to start, but the same guy that will stand up for someone when pushed.  The passing of the torch in this movie is quite touching and more than a little hard to absorb considering that it means saying goodbye to a character that has been around for longer than several others, and is without a doubt one of the most relatable to many people.

It might seem odd to say goodbye to a fictional character, but as a writer and a fan I must say this: godspeed to you Logan, you were and always be a fan favorite and one of the best characters to ever grace a comic panel. “Logan” was an awesome tribute to a spectacular character, and he will be missed.

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