I don’t have all the answers. In truth I wouldn’t want to. It’s better to enjoy the uncertainty of life no matter how frightening it might be. Why? Because it is a part of being human, and a part of life that is meant to remain as a mystery that must be unveiled before we can come to any realizations of the truths and falsehoods we live by.

I don’t have the most intelligent mind in the world. Would I like to? Not really. I’m pretty happy with what I have. There are moments that spark within my head an intelligence that is canny and quite cunning, and that is what I am comfortable with to be quite honest. There’s no need for me to be the smartest or even wittiest person in the room, as I am confident that I am as smart as I need to be on many occasions.

I am not the most charming or persuasive person around. I will be the first to admit that I don’t particularly like a lot of people and prefer my solitude at times. But overall, I know when to get along and when to back away from society.

So what do I have?

I have a family that cares for and depends on me. No matter how crazy they drive me, or how gray my hair might get in the next decade or so, they will always be there, and I will always be there for them. I have loved ones that care for me and in turn are cared for by me.

I have one hellishly good imagination when it comes to writing. I’ve designed entire worlds that need only the right push to be exposed to the readers I would like to see my work. Yet for all that I am content in the creation, and do not grasp and scheme to place my works over others. It would be nice to be known, but I am just as happy in the writing.

What I have is, overall, a sense that no matter how insignificant one life is to the world, and no matter how lost I might become in the overwhelming crowd of humanity, the sense that my life does have meaning. It means no less or more than anyone else’s, and in that I find comfort. The meaning we affix to our lives is the only real distinction that exists when claiming that one person is more important than the next. If you believe you are important then believe it, but do not deny the worth of another.

I have made a point that invites a wide variety of arguments, and in this I have served my purpose.

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