By Tom Foster

Are there original thoughts any more?  Do ideas just keep coming to people, or are they recycled over and over again in an attempt to try to pull some last little vestige of undiscovered material from something that’s been seen dozens of times before? Is that why we see reboot after reboot of our favorite movies coming out?  It might make sense to try and try again with a failed franchise or even to make another worthy attempt at creating the magic that was captured during the beginning of a winning series, but sometimes it seems that all is being done amounts to beating the proverbial dead horse.  Eventually all that comes of it is fatigue and a tired old story that has no more to give.

So why do it?

You might need to ask a studio executive why the cookie cutter routine is so popular, but in truth you can also look to the generations that are growing up in this era. Keep in mind that they have no real idea of what it was like to watch those first films roll out, and won’t know what it was like to experience your favorite character onscreen in a way you’d never seen before. Growing up in the 1990s and later, kids won’t even know what life was like before the internet or movies that weren’t molded from the same stereotypical formula that is so easy to spot nowadays.

There is originality left, but to date that quality has been buried by the same old thing that the audience eats up like candy.  Those in charge know very well what sells and what they can pawn off as “original”. There is a wide variety of originality left in the world, but in order to see it you must first part the curtains of useless formula and make up your own mind about what is worthwhile. If nothing else, you’ll see something new.

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