Monday- Gotta go, got to get to work. Let’s see, kids are fed, dressed, screaming and running all over the place, check. Keys are….where are my keys? Oh wait, they’re in my hand. Got my coat, got my bag, got… pants. Pants are a good thing, need pants.  (Five minutes later) Out the door, wait, kids need to go to daycare/school, got to take the kids. (Fifteen minutes of kicking, screaming, and whining later) Off we go!

Tuesday- See Monday, just a little more tired, dragging a little more towards the door. Remembered the pants, forgot the keys, found them in my hand again. Kick, scream, whine and off we go! (groan)

Wednesday- It’s only Wednesday! Pants, keys, kick, whine, tantrum. Off we go!

Thursday- Oh God make it stop….Got everything (but my sanity), off we go!  Wait, where’re the kids? Kick, scream, stomp feet, let’s go!

Friday- Just make it through the day, just make it through the day, just make it through the day…..

Saturday- Sleeping in is overrated, especially when you’ve got a couple of wide-eyed little monsters jumping up and down on your bed. Wide awake at 6am on a Saturday but have to be rolled out of bed on a school day. Oy vey. Oh well, it’s Saturday, kick back and relax for the five minutes that the kids let you.

Sunday-  Enjoy the morning because the rest of the day will be prep for the oncoming week. Strap in and buckle up, ’cause we’re doing it all again….

I know, a little dramatic, but for those of you with kids just try and tell me this never happens, I will laugh hysterically as I call you a liar.

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