Conan the Conqueror


Prologue- Shadazzar- kingdom is lavish though something is missing.  Dark skies hover over the land as forks of lighting stab jaggedly through the clouds.  The back of a massive figure can be seen as he makes his way towards the throne room.  People scatter as he walks by, recognizing a great presence as he takes no notice.  A massive war sword lies strapped to his back and furs and skins adorn his substantial frame, with glints of metal here and there adding to his fierce appearance.

            Skip to throne room-queen sits alone upon her stone seat, castle is quiet save for murmurs due to the figures appearance.  Her attention is drawn to this mysterious figure as he enters the throne room, stopping only when he has reached the bottom step.  An uneasy look crosses her aged face as the figure does not even raise his gaze to her own. 


“Who are-?” she begins, her eyes widening slightly


“Where is Conan?” he says in a deep booming voice, still not raising his eyes.  The queen’s eyes widen just a little more.  She glances quickly to the side, a gesture that most people would never catch, though the giant has no problem.  Scene pans to a corner of the throne room where you see a small wizened old man who’s gaze is locked upon the towering being.  This man is obviously nervous and goes slightly rigid as he notices the being’s regard.  The unknown character raises one large arm to point a finger a finger at the wizard.


“You know where to find Conan.” It is a statement, not a question.  At that the wizard begins to fumble and fidget even more. 


“Conan goes where he may, I know not where he is.”  The larger being seems not to hear, his helm turning back to the queen.


“Find the barbarian Conan, tell him he has one month to face me at the site of his woman’s final resting place.”  The man turns to leave as he finishes, as the wizard ascends the steps to stand near his queen, who has risen to her feet. 


“Wait!” she shouts to the figure, who does not heed her call.  Within several strides, he is gone.  She looks then to her wizard who is still fumbling and fidgeting, his eyes wide as though in disbelief. 


“Who was that?” she asks him.  He looks at her once before going back to his muttering, not answering.


“Akiro!” she shouts lightly, “Who was that?” Akiro finally seems to snap out of his reverie, looking at his queen with some trepidation before glancing in back in the direction of the stranger, his muttering resuming.  As she goes to ask again a single word escapes his lips after a momentary pause.


“Krom.”  At this both he and the queen look in the direction that the giant took, concern written plain on both of their faces, camera pans to queen. 


Beginning-Conan music, monologue by Akiro


            In the time before the world was made anew I traveled once more to seek out my lord and tell him of the challenge presented to him by the embodiment of Krom himself.  I feared for my lord, since so many years had passed since I had heard from him.  And so it was that I made the perilous journey north to seek out my lord, the once fierce barbarian whose very name struck fear into those who heard it.  He had become disconnected from the world he knew, a recluse in the kingdom he attained by his own hand. 

            For so long I have told the story of my lord, and so it comes as no surprise that I am the chronicler of his greatest exploits.  Though the years have passed, the legend of my lord has not diminished. 


Flyby- music is still playing as a bird’s eye view of the land rolls by.  Prominent among these sights is the great grinding wheel where Conan spent most of his young life.  Pan along the ground until it fades and comes upon a small village outside a sizeable stone keep.  There are plumes of smoke here and there as the people of the village go about their day.  Shot of people of going about their business such as people carrying wood, chopping kindling and banging away at a smithy. 

            Shot runs through village before ascending into keep.  Shows Akiro entering village, people give him a glance and then disregard him, showing that visitors are rare but not unheard of.  Akiro is not surprised to find that his presence is tolerated but not overly noticed.  Nodding and muttering to himself he ascends into the keep. 


            Shot cuts to Conan from behind pans to front, with fist supporting chin, a look of contemplation upon his barbarian features, deep in thought.  He does not look sated, nor happy as he sits upon his throne. His weapon is in his other hand, pommel in a firm grip.  There are no guards in this room, the keep is mostly empty but for a few servants and the rats.  A firepit lies in the middle of the throne room, with a pig on spit slowly roasting and attended to by servants.  Conan sits above them on his throne, his troubled gaze peering deep into the flames.  He does not seem to hear the creaking of his front door or the footsteps that follow as Akiro makes his way forward


M- And then it was that I saw my lord with a troubled look upon his brow.  So old my lord seemed at that moment as if a great burden sat upon his shoulders.  Even a kingdom gained by his own hand did not satisfy whatever need he felt within his heart. 


            Akiro enters the throne room, though at first Conan does not take notice.  As the old wizard grows closer however one of the serving boys comes to greet him while another one runs to Conan. 

“My lord, my lord, a visitor!” says the boy in his young voice.  Conan finally seems to take notice, his eyes the only thing that moves as he takes in Akiro over the flames.  His eyes narrow at first and then widen in recognition.  As Akiro performs his traditional bow of respect to the barbarian, Conan’s head comes off his fist as he gives an almost indistinguishable smirk.


“Can you summon demons, wizard?”

Akiro growls, baring his teeth for a moment, “Yes!” he almost roars, “I strike at you! I would summon a demon more ferocious than all in hell!”

Conan smiles, then begins to chuckle, and then laugh. Akiro joins in, both of them ignoring the dumbfound servant as Akiro shakes his finger at Conan and the king invites him to come forward.   


New scene- Akiro and Conan are dining and drinking together, laughing at old memories and sharing a moment of camaraderie.  Sharing old tales and catching up on new tales they spend much of the night simply pleased to be in the others company.  Akiro can tell this as happy as Conan has been in some time.


M-It seemed as though my coming had stirred a fire within my lord that he had not experienced in far too long.  Possibly since we had last parted so long ago. 


“So wizard, what brings you this far north?” Conan asks, lifting his mug to drink as he asks.  The look upon his face is that of pleasure, since this one of his oldest and most trusted friends is a sight that he has long missed.  He has needed companions.  Akiro sets his mug down briefly, his eyes clouding over slightly as he debates how to tell Conan his news.


“There is news from Shadazzar. Queen Jenna extends her greeting and bids you to travel   At that Conan seems to smirk just a little more, though Akiro can see that its not all polite humor.  Setting his mug down gently the barbarian grins before replying.


“Does she still seek a king?” raising his eyebrows slightly.  At that both men share a glance and then laugh.  Shortly after the laughter dies down Akiro once more looks as though he is about to speak.


“A man came to her kingdom not long ago.”


“Then she does not need me.”  The two men laugh once more at this, before Akiro grows serious.  Seeing this Conan as well adopts a solemn look, taking a drink before eyeing the wizard. 


“This man was a giant, wore furs as a barbarian would, with a great sword upon his back.  I could not see his face.  I had never seen him before, though after only moments I knew who he was.”   Akiro looks straight at the fire for a few moments, as does Conan, both of them seeming lost in thought.


“Krom.” With a faraway voice Conan says this, as Akiro turns to him and nods while grunting his assent.  For several moments neither of them speak.  Then, slowly, Conan turns to Akiro, tearing his gaze away from the flames.

“What does Krom want of me?”

“It seems you have fallen from his favor, though I do not know why.  He has challenged you to meet him upon Valeria’s final resting place.” Conan’s eyes flare at the mention of his lost love, as his attention accompanies his customary glare. 


“If you do not face him, Valeria will be cast out of Valhalla.”  Conan seems to grow increasingly angry with each word, as the gravity of what will happen to his love sinks in. 

Conan’s eyes grow distant as the memory of his love surfaces in his thoughts, an image of her golden hair framing her warrior’s countenance.  A wry smile crosses her lips as he focuses once more on Akiro, his lips set into a grim line.

Placing his drink down upon the table that sits between the two of them, sitting back for a moment before looking over to his old friend.


“What must I do wizard?”  Akiro is silent for several seconds, nodding several times as he closes his eye 

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