So you walk into a store and see something you don’t agree with. It could be something as innocuous as a brand label that you don’t happen to like, a representation of someone or something that you think is offensive. Does that give you the right to demand that the store remove that item from their shelves?

No it does not.

Your sensibilities are not the concern of the store nor the manufacturer, and your feelings are not on trial or under attack by anyone except your own conscience.  If you should walk into a retail store and see a shirt or sweater that features a slogan you don’t like or agree with you have options.

Look away.

A slogan on a shirt is not always bound to be a call to arms by anyone to act against one faction of humanity or another. Should it be determined that this is so, retailers that cater to the public, such as Target and Walmart, would never consider selling such items. Their goal is to market goods that people will find useful, fun, and even quirky at times.

Don’t shop at that store.

There is a wide variety of retail stores available throughout the United States, and most of them are only a short distance away from one another. If the item offends you this badly then stop frequenting the store. No one is forcing you to shop at one store or another, as there is such a thing as free choice.

What you see as offensive might seem rather childish or even silly to another person once you label it with your own perspective. What you see might not be what they see.  Keep in mind the differing perspectives of others and how your own opinion might affect the response they give. If the main goal in your life is to become offended by everything you see that doesn’t conform to what your idea of “okay” is then perhaps it is time to go off the grid for good. And if this offends you at all, then please take my advice and soak your head.

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