I can’t speak for everyone so I won’t try. But here is what I remember growing up. There’s likely a lot I didn’t see and didn’t want to see, but I do recall that people were often kinder to one another when I was growing up. There was still strife, there was hunger, there were problems all around the world, but people were different before the turn of the century, and if you don’t believe that then you’re either too young to remember or have been living with blinders on for most of your life.

The world didn’t worry as much, paranoia wasn’t as strong as it is now, and once again, if you don’t believe that then you need a history lesson. We’ve all been subjected to the realism that occurred during the World War 1 and 2, and the bomb scares that took place during the Cold War, and of course the unending controversy that came with the Vietnam era.  But whether you lived through it or heard about it during class, the struggle of those times was indelibly stamped upon American history and left to sit as the decades rolled on.

People still acted like people. They still went about their daily business, they still tried to do what they could to get by, and they did so without a great deal of the issues we deal with today. Whether those issues were just waiting to boil over is known only to those that were living through them at the time, but the current reality is that those living in this era now have to deal with them. People no longer act like people.  Many are scared, many are paranoid, and many more seem eager to cast blame for how the world is upon someone else while crying out for a change.

You want change? Be a real person. Be you, don’t be someone you’re told to be. Be kind to the person next to you, don’t wonder if they’re plotting to harm you or others. Be accepting of others, don’t always assume that they’re out to get you.  Be a human being, and learn what that means.

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