If you’ve ever been to the Oregon Convention Center before you know what to expect. A big building, elegant in ways that seem to befit its stature, the Convention Center is still a young fixture to Portland relatively speaking. It was finished in 1989 and opened in 1990 as one of the premier locations for conventions, meetings, and any other type of gathering that one can imagine.

Just recently my wife and I had the chance to attend the Wizard World Comic Con at the Convention Center, and were simply blown away.  Now it’s not the same type of venue as you might expect in San Diego, CA, but the spectacle was still impressive. In truth the event held more to the classic Oregon style, appearing more like a swap meet for those that are into cosplay, comic books, and the mental wanderings of the freak and geek culture that has become so prominent within the past decade or so. In other words, it was rather impressive.

Walking in my first thought was that we would walk around, see what was there, maybe purchase a couple of things, and leave. But we managed to stay for several hours, walking the same circuitous route, and never once did we get bored or see too much of the same thing. Every time we went around we found new people entering in full costume, vendors pulling out new items to replenish what had already sold, and new sights that were more than a little impressive.

I will admit that the prices seem a little over the top, but in some cases I simply couldn’t resist the wonders that we saw, finding that the price was just right.  It would have been uniquely awesome to get an autograph and a picture with a few of the celebrities on hand, but just to see them in person seemed more than adequate. I can honestly state that I had a blast at the comic con, and would recommend it to anyone. me-and-deadpool

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