We’re born knowing absolutely nothing except the most basic tenets of life. We cry, we eat, we shit, and for a while all we know is that it gets taken care of. Then we grow up, we still cry occasionally, we still eat, and we still shit, but eventually we are trained to realize that we need to take care of it on our own. Many people learn and do this without much prompting, others go kicking and screaming into their more independent years.  Ever seen an adult that refuses to grow up?  Too often it’s because no one ever made them.

It’s easy to blame the millennial generation for this faux pas, as quite often it’s seen that someone within that generation will raise a stink over having to do things the hard way, or will claim an entitlement that many others have to work for.  But they’re not the sole problem.  Anyone from any generation can think they’re entitled to anything, the difference is, some people are and some people are just crying and taking a shit without having to understand that hard truth.

You get out of this world what you put in.

If you want something then go get it. If you know what you’re worth then find a way to earn it. Cowards and fools talk shit without having the balls to go out and get it. If you want a better life then make one. Don’t blame this person or that person because you’re not where you want to be. They aren’t responsible for the actions you take and the life you lead. If you want to be a thinking, reasoning adult, then act like one. Otherwise you’re just wasting time, and aren’t worth the words you speak.

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