April 3rd, 2011j

Vancouver, WA



I should have gotten out sooner.

No you shouldn’t.  It’s that you couldn’t.

You shut up! You’re not real, you’re not even real!  You’re really not real!

Yes I am, I’m the only one who’s real.  You just won’t listen.

That’s right!  Lalalalala, I won’t listen! I say damn you and go to hell and won’t listen so lalalaladeeda you goddamn figment!

How droll.

Shut up!  Can’t hear you, remember?  Lalala can’t hear my imaginary voice cause I’m ladeedahing!

Will you tell the story at least?

Oh yeah, I’ll, wait a minute!  Dammit I say what’s happening, not you!  Are you there?  You’re still there, aren’t you?  I know you are even if you don’t talk! Well then fine!  I won’t talk to you either you stupid scrap of malfunctioning brain matter!

So where was I? Oh yeah, I should have gotten out sooner, but I didn’t.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t, like some would have you believe, but I didn’t out of choice.  It was a bad choice obviously, yep, bad, bad choice, bad choice bad voice bring the noise and all your toys, ha-ha!

Excuse me, it’s getting a little harder nowadays, you know, ‘cause I’ve been here forever and all.  I wonder how long it really takes a person to lose their sanity?  No one here’s been able to tell me, but of course that’s cause we’re all mad here, in a way that it is.

I’m not really insane, just, ah, damn, lost my thought. Um, what was I about to write?  Oh well, it probably didn’t matter.  I’m tired anyway, and soon I’ll have to make my rounds.

Always the rounds.

Yep, always the rounds, gotta love the rounds, and more than that, gotta love always finding a new way around the rounds, ha-ha!  Someone told me that before, but it’s only funny sometimes.  The rest of the time it’s kind of sad, and then kind of funny, and then kind of scary sometimes too.  But, ah damn, I had a thought and I lost it again. That’s happening a lot lately, but I guess it’s been happening a lot for a while.  ‘Cause you know I’ve been here so long I’ve gone mad, and don’t let anyone tell you different.  Only the dark guys know any better, and I’d rather not see them.  They, they…

They scare you?

Yeah, I mean no!  They’re too quiet, they don’t say anything, they just, stare at you, until you go and do something. Then they kind of, I dunno, they kind of go away, but they don’t really go away, they’re always there.  I know they are.  But, I’m done now, gotta go do the rounds.

Always the rounds.

Yep, always the rounds.


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