It’s a race you don’t win.

It’s a game of inches.

It’s a gamble that doesn’t always pay off.

Sometimes it’s a punishment, sometimes it’s a blessing, but it is what it always is regardless of the euphemisms and niceties that are affixed to the simple principle. Life simply is, without question and without any better reason.  Any definition that attempts to nail down the finer points is a rationalization made by those that don’t yet fully understand the underlying tenets of what they have, if they are to begin with. Sometimes it almost seems as if human beings try so hard to fool themselves into believing that something has meaning that eventually they lose all sense of what they’re searching for.

Life doesn’t carry the same meaning that we affix to it. It’s very nature demands that it change, conform, adapt, and break out of whatever neat little box we seek to put it in for examination and study. It doesn’t follow rules or plans, not in the conventional sense that people seem to desire. What life will do whenever possible is wreck any well-laid plans and go about its own course. Its chaotic within its own orderly concept, seeking to break out into its own unique pattern that few if any can really understand.

What life is and what it does is as beyond human reckoning as our daily lives might be to housefly.  We don’t know what to expect, and in fact every prediction we make is bound to become altered in some way because we made it so. Life won’t always follow the path you set for it, no matter how carefully and how forcefully you plan.  The only time that life will alter its course is when it is forced to do so, largely because of the actions you take. Is it right?  Do any of us have the right to direct such a course? Many would say yes, of course we do, it’s our destiny as humanity to shape the world around us. Others might take a different tact and decide that life must simply happen as it will. So who’s wrong and who’s right?

None of us are.

If you’ve been reading closely enough, it won’t matter if you plan your path according to life’s designs or your own. It will happen as it must, even if one seemingly directs their own path. We are no more apart from life than it is from us. What we do affects it and is part of it all at the same time. Trying to deny that your path is a product of life’s designs is much like trying to deny that the air that fills your lungs is what keeps you breathing. Each and every one of us needs life and its many twisting pathways, no matter your belief.

To be alive is to accept the reality of that life, even if one cannot embrace it.

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