I wanna go out but I don’t have the cash.

Want to take a picture but I can’t work the flash.

Looking out the window and I see upside down trees,

reaching for the sky but getting cut off at the knees.

My nightmares reach from the shadows and I keep on running fast.

But every time I do I can’t help looking past.

The darkness closes in and I have to wonder why,

my mind won’t simply shut off and let the last thought finally dry.

Sounds invade the silence and let it slip away.

But here in the cacophony I tend to sit and stay.

What to do I don’t know but I’m running out of gas.

Want to fill up and go out but I just don’t have the cash.

-Make of this what you will, it confused the hell out of me, and I’m the one that wrote it.

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