I am frustration that boils and churns upon the fires of intolerance and unresponsive bias.

But I am the tolerance and humility of humanity that seeks to draw others closer, not farther apart.

I am the dark cloud of hatred that looms over the hearts and minds of those that see trouble on the horizon.

Yet I seek to show others the light within the gloom that still shines the brightest.

I witness the disdain and lack of respect that so many hold for each other in a world divided by ideology and belief.

Still I have a lasting faith in humanity and the world that it will seek the similarities rather than the differences that unite us.

I am the hopelessness that seeps deeply into the soul of every being, fostering despair and breaking bonds that hold together the last vestiges of humanity.

Always I will seek to unite, never to divide, no matter the differences between individuals and their values.

Our world, OUR world, is one of great struggle and strife that no one individual can ever fully understand. Those that suffer more than others do not hold the only key to understanding such pain or degradation. To deny the experience of others is to deny the validity of all. In the acceptance of our shared humanity we regain a measure of what makes our species worthy of our current position in the world.

This world, OUR world, is filled with wondrous and amazing sights that should be cherished and held in awe. But it must be balanced at all times, held in check by those forces that are not agreeable even as it is made livable by those that seek to make life worth living.

We must take the good with the bad, the wrong with the right, if we are to take our place within the world. Life will not adhere to our plans, but will go on its own course. It will help to elevate us or leave us wallowing in the dust that is left when it passes by.  In order to become what we are meant to be, humanity must seek to elevate one another and bring our race into the future, not step upon each other’s necks and backs without mercy or compassion.  Life is a struggle, but it is one that is best endured together, without the desire to fight to reach the next stage of our evolution……

But when the need to fight arises, do so with the knowledge that if you seek to fight, it pays to be  the meanest, smartest, most crafty sonofabitch you can be, without reservation.


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