Cha Cha Cha

By Tom Foster




Tuesday, April 2nd, 2002

Portland, Oregon


He was a sunbeam, a glorious ray of light sent to alight upon the world in all his glory, dancing for the pleasure of the trees and the green fields of grass that so thoroughly enjoyed his company.  They wept when he was not there, pined for him when he did not come, and when he came around, it was for him that they danced, for him that they swayed and sang.  It was for the sunbeam and its glorious warmth that they opened themselves so fully, allowing him to dance upon their surfaces, fill them up with his radiant heat, slide up and down them in a sensuous manner not unlike a lover.  They would give him everything, and he would give in return as well as take.  It was what he was made to do, and he did it well.

His painted face glowed an iridescent yellow within the black lights that were used within the abandoned warehouse.  The strobe that accompanied them waved back and forth over the crowd as the music blared and the many stoned and drunk dancers threw their heads back, down, side to side, and cavorted about from the hastily constructed bar to the dance floor.  Many of them latched onto one partner only to swing around and latch onto another as flesh met flesh, clothing was parted to reveal more flesh, and so on and so forth.

Secret promises were whispered into ears, lustful desires spoken aloud as the warmth of the large space was allowed to permeate every last pore of their bodies.  He could feel himself burning with a desire that might have had to do with the voluptuous, dark-haired temptress that had come around only minutes before, telling him to meet her in the dark corner to the rear of the warehouse.  He’d made her laugh by telling he that it wouldn’t be dark once he got there, that he’d light her up in ways she’d never experienced.  Her laughter was strange, like tinkling glass falling upon a stone, floor, but damn she was beautiful.

The tab of ecstasy running wild throughout his body didn’t even seem to faze Erin as he danced and moved to the crazed rhythms of the funkadelic music that was being blasted from the massive speakers near the DJ’s turntables.  He didn’t want to stop moving, didn’t want to stop dancing, but he was thirsty.  Being the sun was a tiring role, no matter that his date, who’d disappeared with another muscled stud only a few minutes ago, had so lovingly done his makeup.  He didn’t mind, that was how this rave was supposed to go, it was free love, free to be had with anyone, anywhere, and at any time.  The acts being performed within the converted warehouse were wild and even perverse enough to become a porn director’s dream come true if only there were a camera.  And it was all good.

As he sidled up to the plywood bar he was still dancing, moving his head from side to side and smiling as he was groped, pinched, and even rubbed up against as he smiled nonstop, accepting it all with aplomb.  He did his own fair share of pinching and groping, it was accepted after all, he even felt his hand slip between a pleasing pair of cheeks that were conspicuously bare until his fingers discovered an almost non-existent g-string running up the woman’s crack.  Erin smiled again as he nodded his head to the music, running his tongue over his teeth as he turned back to the woman in question.  His smile faltered just a bit however at what he saw.  Only a bit though as he blinked away the sudden image of fiery red eyes and pointed teeth that flashed dangerously in his direction.  Her expression in that split second was almost, hungry, as though she wanted to take a chomp out of his ass and then move on towards his balls for dessert.  Closing his eyes for just a second Erin took another look at the woman, seeing this time as the dark-skinned woman, she was beautiful in fact, came sidling up to him, her full, luscious lips parting as she rubbed up against him, her perfect breasts rubbing against his chest, held in place by only a strap that connected the thin pieces of cloth that covered her for the barest of modesty.

“Hey baby,” she purred seductively, her voice pouring directly into her ear, “You wanna find a dark spot to get me hot?”  Erin smiled as her tongue flicked out softly against his ear, feeling a tiny shudder run down his spine.  Or maybe that was the X.

Don’t do this.  He shook his head at that moment as the strange thought ran through his mind, confusing him just enough that the woman backed away a step.

“Are you alright?” she asked, raising her voice just enough to be heard over the music.

“What can I get ya?” the bartender, a large man who’d dressed himself up as a half-naked grizzly bear, thrust his head forward, or rather, the large, grotesque grizzly’s head he wore over his features forward.  Erin suddenly felt boxed in as he could sense people to all side of him.  Looking around however he could see that the nearest people to him were the unknown woman and the grizzly-headed bartender, everyone else was either out of arm’s reach or on the dance floor.

“I think he needs a double of whatever,” the woman said, the smile coming back to her lips as she stepped close again.  Erin felt as her hand reached down and squeezed a tender part of his anatomy pleasingly as she smiled up at him.  “I can take care of the chaser.”  Erin nodded his head, moving into her hand as he began to grind against her body, looking to the bartender as he gazed directly into the dark, glassy eyes of the grizzly.

“I’ll take a shot of Jose and another shot of Jose, and whatever the lady wants.”  The bartender’s smile was just barely visible beneath the open jaws of the grizzly, but Erin didn’t care, he was concentrating solely upon the hand that was so pleasingly perched upon his crotch.  That was nice.

*                      *                      *


This was hopeless, but he had to keep trying.  Only so many humans had the qualities that his kind required to attach themselves to a living host.  He could find an animal to latch onto, though the last time he’d tried that Larissen had been forced to undergo the painful death that the cat had suffered at the hands of a neighborhood bully.  Humans could be undeniably cruel at times, even if they were children.  He’d wondered more than once at why the survival of a race that could breed such uncaring young was so vital to this realm.  It had gone along just fine before the humans had gotten here, it would no doubt find a species to fill the gap if they were to be somehow exterminated or forced into oblivion.  But that was not his place to say, no matter that he shared this realm with them.

As an exile he could do no less, though as an exile with no physical form of his own he was dependent upon the living body of another, otherwise he would soon fade away.  The cat that been so cruelly strangled not long ago had expired near here, but the youth that had done the grisly act had not been the right type of soul for Larissen to attach himself to.  Strangely enough he’d felt the pull within this place, the familiar tug of a kindred spirit that would suit him just fine.  The unfortunate part was that he was not the only spirit here.

The sickening parade of flesh and carnal desires were not completely unknown to him, yet still the fallen angel could not equate the perverse acts he’d witnessed this night with those he’d seen in the past.  He had experienced through others the deeper emotions such as love, passion, even caring on a level that he knew was perhaps one of the greatest gifts humans possessed.  Within this den of corruption however there was little if anything in common with such tender moments.  This was a carnival of flesh, a disgusting example of pornography that he could not abide. But he needed the consent of the human he now stood near.

He knew the daemons, his kinds ancestral enemies, could sense him here, though they could not see him.  They were as blind to his winged form as any human was, restricting themselves by the flesh they wore and thereby unable to see his glorious form.  Larissen knew he was not a true soul such as his brethren that existed within the glorious heavens of the Light, he carried his own scars and the foul taint within his blood that had resulted from the last and greatest war, but he was still an angel, and thus he was still appalled by what he now witnessed.  There were women foisting themselves upon women, men upon men, and even more perverse acts as both sexes intermingled with one another freely, not seeming to mind the questing hands and other appendages that seemed to appear by magic within their midst.  It was simply too appalling to believe.

Not everyone within the building was a daemon in disguise, though there were a great many of them, such as the bear-headed fellow serving drinks, drinks laced with some sort of powder that Larissen could not identify, and the woman who was attempting to lure the human he’d come for away.  He’d seen at least a glimpse of her true face, Larissen had seen the uncertainty in the young man’s painted face, but that had been fleeting, and the drugs within the young man’s system no doubt were making him question his senses.  Larissen knew that the young black male had seen something, but he was already convinced that he had not.  Larissen shook his head, his grayish-white wings fluttering behind him as the female next to the human seemed to sense his presence, frowning just a bit as she looked around.

Her façade was that of a beautiful, Nubian female, her form pleasing to the eye and her features almost ethereal in their quality.  The angel knew very well that this mask was only skin deep, beneath the woman’s thin veneer of deception was a creature of such pure evil that Larissen knew he would surely drive his blade into her heart had he his own body.  The disassociation from his own corporeal form had been punishment however for striking out against his own brethren, leaving him bereft of his own flesh and blood yet still bound to this realm.

Had he the chance he would have gladly rid the realm of every daemon within this place, but he could not.  The human male in front of him now would have to accept him, and so far that was not likely to happen.  As Larissen looked to the massive bartender, another daemon, he could just barely see as the creature sprinkled a heft amount of crushed powder into the young man’s drinks, turning around in the next moment as he placed them upon the bar.  Erin was far too engrossed with the woman in front of him, no doubt far too attentive to the hand that was gently massaging his groin.  Larissen was disgusted, though he could do little about it.

As he watched, Erin downed both shots, knocking them back quickly before turning back to the woman, who had already exchanged a glance and a wink to the bartender, who’d smiled and nodded, neither of them seeming to mind that Larissen’s anger could easily be felt.  He would have gladly slain them both, mounting their heads atop the bar no matter that this was not the way of his kind.

The woman then pulled Erin’s head down with her free hand, her lips seeking his as her tongue danced along his lips for only a second before their lips locked.  Erin leaned down obligingly, his own hands roaming quickly over the woman’s body as she moved into him, grinding in rhythm to the horrid, blaring music that seemed to echo off the walls.  Larissen tried his best to place his suggestive voice into the young man’s mind again, though he was met with a wall of such dire passion and fierce resistance that it was like trying to yell into a hurricane.

Let her go! Larissen pleaded, trying to gain the young man’s attention.  The female daemon kissed him harder, placing her false womanhood against Erin’s crotch as she broke the kiss, moaning into his ear how much she liked this behavior.  Erin obliged her, grinding and moving with the music as she then disengaged, confusing him for just a second.

“Against the bar,” she breathed, the signs of her lust showing as her cheeks reddened and her body reacted to the stimulus.  Larissen wanted to retch.

Walk away from her Erin, now.  The angel pleaded once again with the young man, trying to make him see what he was about to rub up against.  Erin closed his eyes as he shook his head, his lips twisting as he held one hand to his head.

“Is something wrong with you?” the woman asked, her tone becoming testy as she narrowed her eyes at Erin.  Larissen thought that perhaps this was his chance as he reached out, his insubstantial hands seeking to grip the young man’s head as he used his force of will.

Listen to me Erin, she is not who you think she is.  Please, for your own sake, leave this place and follow me.  Erin seemed to hear him for a moment, in fact it seemed as though the young man saw him, but then Larissen’s hopes were dashed aside as the young man’s grin widened across his lips, the garish paint upon his face making the gesture seem a bit grotesque as Erin strode past Larissen, his grin only widening in response to the woman’s as she leaned against the bar, her upper abdomen striking the bar with an inaudible thump.  The bartender grinned at the woman as she grinned back, leaning her head back just enough as he lifted a bottle filled with a pale yellow liquid, its golden label speaking of the contents as it was poured directly from its metal-plated spout onto her tongue, running down her throat and from the corners of her lips as she swallowed, making an obscene show of it as she waggled her tongue back and forth.  As Erin gripped her hips Larissen had to look away, not wishing to see as the human and daemon sought to please one another.

*                      *                      *


Erin couldn’t believe his luck as he thrust his hips forward again, and again, and again.  His entire body was tingling, he felt as though he were ascending into the ceiling for some odd reason, and it felt really, really good.  As the woman in front of him continued to moan and beg for more he knew at that moment, he was the man.  His hands felt along her smooth buttocks, feeling the warmth of her body as they ascended her tender flesh, his body folding against hers as he could smell the tequila upon her breath.

“Hey babe, is there room for another one?”  Erin turned his gaze toward the voice as he saw his date, her gaily painted features still as bright as when they’d arrived.  She was painted up as a foxy vixen, the dark circles around her eyes serving to make her dark blue orbs seem even larger than they were.  He smiled at her as she ran one hand up and down the dark-skinned woman attached to him, running her tongue over her teeth as she used her other hand to gently rub the point where they connected.

“Oh yeah baby,” the woman said to his date, “come here and we’ll fit you in.”  His date was a white woman, something his parents didn’t truly care about but still raised an eyebrow towards. They didn’t realize this was a new age, a new time in history when colors didn’t matter.  Erin smiled as the woman pushed back against him, levering herself, and by extension him, away from the bar as his date slid in smoothly, facing the woman as she smiled seductively, looking coyly past the woman towards Erin.

“Does this get you hot baby?” his date crooned, reaching for the woman as she and Erin moved forward, seeking to envelop the dark-haired woman.  Erin could only nod as he felt the point of connection between himself and the woman throbbing almost painfully, demanding he pay attention to what he was doing.  He happily obliged.

*                      *                      *


The new woman was human at least, though it made the act no less disgusting as Larissen stood just behind Erin, his back turned to the tryst as he surveyed the dancers and other individuals upon the warehouse floor.  His eyes burned as he saw daemons cavorting about in human disguise, fooling those around them so easily that he could not stop himself from believing that those who’d come to this place deserved what they were to receive soon enough.

Looking out upon the dance floor and other areas Larissen could easily spot several daemons, saepes as they were known, dancing and caressing their human victims as they used every touch, every charm at their disposal to fool the gullible mortals.  Only a step above their weakling cousins, the milikedes, these daemons were much more intelligent than the soldierly creatures beneath them, less prone to simply tear another being apart, preferring subterfuge and the pleasures of the flesh.  They were the most carnal of the daemon race, enjoying the full range of human feeling as it pertained to satisfying their more amorous desires.

They were sickening in his mind, less noble than the foulest of their race and more deceitful than even the sorcerers that reigned above them within the hellish realms of the Dark.  He could not abide their presence, though for the sake of the young man he was here for Larissen must.  As he cast a look behind him he could see that Erin, the saepe, and the human woman were still locked in the throes of their sickening passion.  He could see as the massive saepe behind the human woman reached forward, his pale skin rippling slightly as he reached for the human female’s breasts.  Claws that would have cruelly torn into the woman’s skin were covered once more by human flesh as the bartender grasped her quickly, pinching and fondling as the woman moaned in pleasure.  Larissen looked away again, his temper flaring as he could do nothing, not even speak out against this atrocity.  He had tried to convince Erin that he needed to leave, that this place would be his end, but the boy would not listen.

He wondered what was the use in that moment, a thought that never would have entered his mind long ago.  As one among the multitudes of angels that had been sent forth to make war upon the daemons that had sought to claim this realm, Larissen had pledged his sword to the cause of saving those who could not save themselves.  After the great war however his views had changed, as they were wont to do he’d been told.  He’d never given much thought to the talk of the elder angels, preferring to think that he would be the same person once he’d passed through his own fires of doubt and uncertainty, but that had not been the case.

Larissen had seen such atrocities that could not be easily dismissed, horrors that were forever burned into his conscious mind no matter how badly he wished to forget them.  And he would see more he knew.  Hard times were coming, the fulfillment of a prophecy that had existed since before the time of mankind was soon to be initiated.  And then the world would know true misery, such as it had not known for far too long.  The DarkFall would come again.

*                      *                      *


God he felt like he could go all night!  Erin thrust again and again into the woman, not minding the way she slammed back into his crotch.  Had he been sober he might have backed away, thinking that she was a little to overzealous for his liking. But that wouldn’t have been as fun as this moment, when his loins were burning for more, more, and even more.  He could see his date French-kissing the woman even as the woman lowered her hands along the woman’s body, making her gasp as her fingers disappeared between them.  Erin had no intention of stopping, but as the woman suddenly settled firmly against him, pulling his date forward with her, he felt as though he were about to explode.

“Let’s find a dark corner,” she suggested, her voice low and husky as Erin rested his chin upon her shoulder, almost coming nose to nose with his date.  The woman’s glitter-covered eyebrows rose as she licked her lips, her eyes seeming a bit glazed over as he stared at her.  He didn’t care though, this was the best time he’d had in far too long and he didn’t mean to waste it.

“Hell yeah,” his date said.  Was her name Alison, or was it Alice?  Erin didn’t know for sure, all he knew was that she’d been excited to go to this rave with him tonight.  It was hard to know everyone in the halls at school when the student body was nearly three thousand students strong.  Hell his own class, the seniors, boasted nearly a third of the school!  All he knew was that Alice, or Alison, had one smoking hot body and had known him at least long enough to tell Erin that he had a hard body too.  Of course he knew this, he was a football star, a track star, hell he could write his own ticket into any college he wanted at this point.  He’d already had scouts from schools as far away as the University of Washington and even Duke University looking at him during games and meets.  At the end of the year he would make his decision on where to go, and then his life would take on a whole new vista full of possibilities.  But for tonight, the only vistas he wanted to explore were the soft curves of his date and this other woman, who seemed almost too good to be true.

“Oh hell, I got someone waitin’” Erin suddenly remembered, laughing along with the two women as the dark-skinned female turned to him, disengaging from him as Erin groaned slightly.  Looking down at his revealed member each woman pouted slightly as they each reached a hand down.

“Well let’s not keep her waiting any longer,” his date said, guiding her tongue along Erin’s lips before placing her mouth over his.  Erin couldn’t help but agree as the two women reluctantly pulled up his pants.  It wouldn’t do to have his member get abused on the way there after all.

*                      *                      *


Larissen almost didn’t notice as Erin and the two females left the bar, turning around to see instead the uncertain stare of the heavy saepe that was running the bar.  The daemon sniffed audibly, looking this way and that as he sensed the angel’s presence.  Larissen wanted so badly to lash out at that moment, but he would not.  He could manage to affect the material world, but only if he let go of every last emotion, which was far too difficult.  In this instance though he was sorely tempted to try.

“I know you’re there,” the large daemon growled, revealing his large, misshapen teeth that were covered over by the veneer of flesh.  Larissen’s eyes widened in disgust as he attempted to purge himself of anger, the desire to harm this creature burning even deeper in his being as for the moment he almost forgot about Erin.  It was a breach of his duty, a dereliction that he would no doubt berate himself for later, but it was just so damned tempting that he could not move for the moment.

“You say somethin’ Adam?”  came a voice from the daemon’s left, high in quality as slightly nasal with a lilt to it.  The daemon did not shift his position save to narrow his eyes, leaning slightly to the left as he spoke.

“Nah, just thinkin’ out loud is all Lenny.  You wanna shake and poke when you’re done?”  There was a startled gasp as the man in question, a thin, pock-marked human who looked as though he’d be more comfortable in a more tropical setting, winked at the big bartender, a sly look that further disgusted Larissen as he felt his lips curl in absolute disdain.  He knew just why the daemon had said such a thing, especially if he knew the angel was here.  Nothing would please a saepe like the chance to nettle an angel’s sense of propriety, the opportunity to insult their sense of honor and what was right a delicacy to such beings.

“Soon as I’m done, come and get it big guy.”  The man named Lenny shook his hips suggestively as the big man leered over the bar, moving away as Larissen closed his eyes.  He didn’t want to see what came next, so he left.

*                      *                      *


People were getting it on everywhere they could, the moans and groans reverberating from the dance floor to the four long walls of the warehouse, with a few screams of ecstasy mixed in here and there as though to add a bit of spice.  Already a few people had been asked or forced to leave, their sensibilities or simple bouts of jealousy earning them the dreaded eighty-six.  Erin didn’t know what the problem was, everyone was here to have fun, it was supposed to be an all-night orgy, something that most everyone would remember the next day with a smile on their face.  He knew there would be a hangover to go with, but it would be worth praying to the porcelain god for a short time.

Costumes, body paint, face paint, and other accoutrements adorned the dancers, making it seem like some strange, macabre ball where the only inhibitions were those that were left at the door.  Flesh was flesh, it was meant to come together in such a manner, to slide and grind against each other to the satisfaction of the concerned parties.  He was fully into it, accepting the questing hands and fingers that alit upon his stiffened member and his hard body.  The women with him didn’t fight it either, accepting just as many groping hands as they passed by, seeking the woman he could barely remember now that had told him to meet her in the darkness.

Erin couldn’t wait, he wanted to ease the throbbing in his groin so badly that he was about ready to take Alice, or Alison, or maybe it was Alonzo for all he knew, right on the dance floor and show her just what kind of man he was.  She’d moan for it, tell him he was the best, and then beg him to take her again and again, in so many different poses his head would spin.  And then he’d watch as the dark-skinned woman, he still didn’t know her name, took his date over and over as well, maybe he’d even get to join in.

As they moved along the dance floor Erin and the two women moved to the music, seeking the dark corner at the back of the warehouse as he looked up, seeing the dirt-streaked and almost opaque panes of glass above as he felt hands all over his body, pawing and grabbing, groping and fondling. God this was too cool.

*                      *                      *


He could no longer find Erin.  Larissen felt his spiritual heart beating madly as he passed by one daemon after another, barely registering as several of them snarled or seemed to turn their heads upon his passing, feeling his divine spirit as he hurried by.  They were not his concern, Erin was.  He could feel the young man’s life spark, though he could not pinpoint it through the dark miasma of filth and decadence that permeated this place.  His senses were so dulled that he could scarcely see past the painted faces and bodies of those who writhed and twined together upon the dance floor, blocking any easy egress to the other side of the massive room.

How he wished for his sword now!  The saepes herein would surely hack him down eventually, but at least Larissen would take several of them with him.  His divine aura would burn away the eyes of a few, and his blade would take many more, but he knew that soon enough the hideous things would overwhelm him.  But he would die as a warrior, as was proper.  He could not abide being confined to such an existence as this.

*                      *                      *


They found the woman that Erin had spoken of reclining upon an abandoned crate in the far corner of the warehouse, her flimsy clothing still adorning her body as she looked as though she’d been waiting for them.  Erin’s jaw dropped as he beheld the almond-shaped eyes, the slightly tanned skin, the long legs and the perfect form of the woman.  Her dark, jet-black hair was tied into pigtails that rode high on her head. Pigtails!  Erin felt his groin throbbing even harder as the woman beckoned him forward with one finger.  The two women with him followed behind, not fighting the young man’s advance as they both looked upon the Asian woman with lusting in their eyes.

“You found a cute one Silla,” the Asian woman spoke, her voice mid-range in tone, very pleasing to the ear.

“From what I hear Meso, you found him first,” Erin didn’t even turn to the dark-skinned woman as the Asian, Meso, wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down to her as she licked his lips with her tongue, the wetness thrilling Erin as he gasped.

“Meso?” he asked, smiling as she pulled back, her lips pulling into a pouting grin as she spoke.

“That’s right big boy, Meso horny, me love you looong time.”  Meso laughed as she leaned back, pulling Erin atop her as he willingly obliged, feeling as she guided him inward.  His gasp of only a second before became a moan as he entered, followed by Meso’s own groan as she too felt the heat that was radiating between them.  Erin didn’t waste any time, thrusting his hips forward as he braced himself against the crate, looking down into Meso’s lovely face as she raised an eyebrow, holding his buttocks with both hands as he pressed even closer to her.  And then, she changed.

Erin couldn’t even fully describe what happened. One moment the lovely Meso was a young, vibrant creature of passion, thrusting against him as Erin sought to pleasure her, and in the next second he was doing the wild thing with a creature he couldn’t even understand, a demonic yet somehow still alluring visage glaring up at him as he felt hooked nails dig tightly into his flesh.  What in the hell?!

“Me love you looong long time baby.”  The thing’s voice was gravelly as Erin looked down fully upon her mottled red and gray form, noting that she was still a knockout even as he felt a wave of such revulsion for the creature that even the ecstasy he’d taken couldn’t dim this harsh reality, if in fact that was what it was.

“What’s wrong baby?” the thing crooned, “You no like me now?”  Erin felt as his stiffened member kept thrusting in and out, mindless it seemed of his disgust as he tried to pull away, wincing as the hooked nails wedged firmly into his buttocks dug deeper, creating deep furrows as Meso pulled in opposite directions, flaying his backside as he could not stop, could not stop, had to keep going, had to keep on, unable to keep himself from thrusting, thrusting, ah God it just wouldn’t stop!

Erin turned his head as much as he could, looking for Alice, or Alison, or whatever the hell her name was, to yell at her to run, to just run and get out of here.  He didn’t want to be here any longer, not with this devil-thing forcing her claws into his ass, tearing it to dark ribbons of meat as he felt his own blood pouring down the backs of his legs. And still his hips didn’t stop thrusting, as though in some macabre way his penis had taken control, demanding that he finish at least before being completely turned off.

“Oooh, come on give it to me baby,” the thing crooned, dragging him forward with one clawed hand as she raised her left from his torn buttocks to just under his right arm, digging her nails in painfully as Erin tried to cry out.  She was there for that too however, her mouth rising to cover his quickly as he saw the twin rows of sharp, serrated teeth just beyond her full, luscious lips.  Good God how could he be getting turned on right now?  This wasn’t right, it wasn’t cool!

What he’d seen behind him, what he’d seen of it anyway, was no more comforting than his own situation, which was to say it had caused his eyes to bug out of his skull as he’d seen his date being thrust against the wall, her own eyes wide as the dark-skinned woman had turned to him, smiling as she’d then thrust her own lips upon the younger woman’s, burying any sound that Alice, or Alison, might have made as she ground her body against the senior’s.  His date hadn’t been able to fight the creature off, her hands and arms pinned to the wall effectively as the horned, black-skinned creature had rubbed against her, up and down, her scaly form rasping against his date’s clothing.  Good God what was going on?!

“You no horny no more baby?” the monster beneath him crooned as she pulled away.  Erin could feel a stinging sensation within his mouth as he tried to scream, the sudden torrent of blood that came from between his lips shocking him as he looked down at the woman with wide, frightened eyes.  She opened her mouth then, revealing something he’d not expected to lose so painlessly as his tongue was revealed, its ragged end peeking through her lips as she smiled at him, swallowing the thick, muscular morsel in the next second as she grinned at him with those shark-like teeth.

“You like I swallow baby?”  The monster beneath him hooked her legs behind his as she spoke, moving her hands up to just underneath his arms as she hauled back, rocking backward as she dragged him along, moaning in pleasure as her red eyes rolled back in her skull.  Erin didn’t know what to do, though he tried to scream, heedless of the torrent of blood still pouring from his mouth.  All that came forth was a thin wheeze as he felt the creature’s legs squeeze his midsection like a vise, driving the air from his lungs as she tore down his sides with her claws, easily parting the thin shirt he wore and drawing several lines of blood as she drew her fingernails, her claws dammit!, across his belly and up towards his chest, digging deeper as she went.

“Oooh baby you so hard, you very hard man!” the thing laughed as she spoke, still rocking against him as Erin could feel that he was about to explode.  This was just grotesque that he would be on the verge of climaxing in such a manner, though he could not deny the burning in his loins any longer.  As he finally bucked for his final time, his throbbing manhood seeming to explode, the demon dug harder into his chest, cracking bone easily and reaching deep within his chest cavity as Erin could feel a tearing, tugging sensation, incapacitating him as he could no longer lean back, his very spine quaking as he began to shudder.

He was able to look down however, and what he saw was not pleasing, not even as he gaped at what the monster now held.  Erin’s mouth worked open several times as his eyes opened and closed, the disbelief within their depths fading along with his life as the woman held his still beating heart, grinning around her deadly, sharpened teeth as she moaned once more, rolling her hips as she coaxed just a little more from his rapidly wilting member.  Erin rolled his eyes as he found that he could not take his gaze from this lovely, deadly, virulent, disgusting, somehow unearthly creature, watching as she brought the pumping organ to her mouth, where she took a hefty bite from its still pulsating form.

Erin wanted to be sick, he wanted to lie down, he wanted another drink, he couldn’t decide.  As the demoness swallowed her grisly bite of flesh she spoke, the grin within her words more than evident as Erin began to black out.

“Mmmm, you so tasty baby, me love you looong time.”  The demon-creature thrust him away then with one hand, as though he weighed no more than a rag doll.  Erin didn’t care, if it got him away from the bitch that was just fine.  As the darkness began to fold over him however he could have sworn he heard the woman, and her friend, hiss in anger, or was that fear?  He couldn’t be sure, but as both of them ran away, stark-ass naked, he saw what looked like a glowing form step over him, a vision he was sure of what might await him.  Or maybe this was just a really screwed up dream, and when he opened his eyes his mother or father would be there waiting for him, wondering why he had a wilting hard-on and a look of such confused terror on his face.  Well, they might not ask about the hard-on.

I told you Erin, the woman was not what she seemed.

He wanted to shout out a curse to the strangely glowing being that might have made his mother or father slap him lightly across the mouth.  Of course she wasn’t what she’d seemed to be!  What kind of stupid thing to say was that?  As he continued to look up at the figure he tried once more to talk, though no words would come, either thanks to his missing tongue or the blood that was now threatening to choke him out he wasn’t sure.

Erin pleaded with the winged being, it had to be an angel, how many stories had heard about from his mother and her friends about such creatures, he reached one hand out, as though beseeching the glowing figure to help him.  The winged form, he had to be one of the most handsome men Erin had ever seen, did not move however.  God what a gay thought, to think another guy was handsome, but he couldn’t help it, the man was.  His features were almost fair enough to be called feminine, but there was a strength to his jaw, his cheeks, and a fire to his eyes that was definitely masculine.  For example the frown he leveled at Erin, that was all that was man.  The insane thought almost made him laugh as he tilted his head back, trying not to choke as he lowered his hand.

I can no longer help you Erin.  You have done this to yourself.

That was crap, Erin wanted to say, he’d not done this, he’d had it done to him!  He’d just wanted to get drunk, get laid and then the next day go on about his way.  He hadn’t asked to be duped by some demon bitch into being served up as a cut of prime beef!

I will leave you now, may you find the Light, though I somehow doubt it.  Erin wanted to curse at the angel, to tell him to mind his own damned business, he’d never asked for his help!  Why couldn’t he have just said “Hey, this bitch is a demon, don’t screw with her?”  Oh God he wanted to kick the angel’s ass in that moment, to rip a few feathers out of those wings and see how loudly he squawked then!  What was the use of telling him that someone was no good without giving him more information so he could make a decision?  That was a bunch of crap Erin though, even as the lights began to dim.  Eventually the dark was all he knew, and then, he didn’t know anything else but pain.

*                      *                      *


Larissen’s heart was heavy as he made his way through the center of the dance floor, not even noticing as the dancers, daemons all, shied away from him.  His rage was dampened effectively, the sorrow that had tamped it down holding court within the vast chambers of his soul as he felt nothing but a burning desire to see vengeance, the only thing that kept him from lashing out as he wished.  And then, he let even that go.

The angel did not hesitate as became visible, a wraith-like specter amongst the solid forms of the daemons as he attacked.  The trick was to feel nothing he’d heard it said, only to act, react, and feel no emotion.  Spirits could affect the material world, but it was vital to let go of all attachments to the physical world such as emotion.  He could do that finally, he could release the pent up hatred, prejudice, and anger he’d felt.  Larissen could easily displace the sorrow over the young man as his wings flared out mightily, batting hard into one of the daemons as it went flying into its fellows, who snarled in response to the sudden appearance of the angel.

Larissen did not stop, driving his fists, elbows, feet, and even his forehead into the bodies of the daemons around him, cracking  bones and tearing flesh as he raked at their eyes, hammered their flesh and bones until they broke.  The howls of pain and agony pleased him, causing a sick chill of exhilaration to wash through him as he was attacked in turn.  The first offending claw however did no damage, nor did any after that, as he allowed himself to sink once more into rage, becoming immaterial again as the passage of the dark forms through his invisible body caused him to stiffen until finally he reached the edge of the dance floor, where there were fewer bodies.

He’d had his time, he would again.  But for now, he needed to find a body, and soon.  This was far from over.


Excerpt from The Oregonian

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2002




After an anonymous tip phoned into the Portland Police Department, two teens were found within an abandoned warehouse in northern Portland.  Officers have declined to comment upon the possibility of the warehouse being used for a current rave party.  A flyer announcing the party’s name, Cha Cha Cha, indicates that such a party might well have taken place.  The chief of police has gone on record to state that one of the victims, Erin James Rawlings, was the apparent victim of a vicious and fatal animal attack, though no tracks have been found.  The high school senior, soon to graduate from Sunset High School this year, was found face up on the floor of the warehouse, chest exposed and with several organs apparently missing.  Found along with Rawlings was another senior by the name of Alice Huger, a fellow student and editor of the Sunset Herald, the high school paper.  While it is said that Ms. Huger was found largely intact save for gouges and punctures to her wrists and lips, toxicology reports will perhaps tell a different story.  Both teenagers had allegedly reported to their parents that they were to attending the local theater in the late evening, though friends state that neither Mr. Rawlings nor Ms. Huger had ever been seen together before last night.  Further sources indicate that the two were surrounded by the contents of a small plastic bag, which contained no less than….



Larissen did not need to read any further, knowing exactly what had happened.  If only he were a muse, then perhaps he would be able to iron out the story in a more accurate fashion.  But that was not his function.  He was warrior, and he required a warrior to occupy.  He’d just have to keep looking.

Looking upon the smiling faces of Erin and Alison that had been posted within the paper he did feel a bit of sadness, though he could not feel entirely sorry for the boy’s death.  He had done such damage to himself in a large way, the saepe had only ended his torment.

“Is this to your liking?” the daemon that sat at the computer asked him, leering slightly as she looked here and there, feeling his presence as she sniffed, her nostrils flaring as her human eyes narrowed in suspicion.  She was wise enough to whisper in the buzzing office, though Larissen figured that no one would have heard anyway unless they were right next to her.  Saepes were everywhere, leaving him to wonder how many of the beings within this city were truly human any longer.  Most of the people within this building were at least, but that was small comfort.  Something was coming, something big.

Your time will come daemon, Larissen said, his eyes burning.  Oh yes, something was coming.

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