The Ode

Ode to the Writer

By Tom Foster


We are the lords and ladies of creation, yet we are still just players.
In the beginning we are as in the end.
We do not aspire, we simply do.
There is the dream, tempered by the reality, and given form by the thought.
By our thought, by our dreams, and by the reality we impose.
It’s a madness of the sort that only poets and writers can truly understand, and even among those only a few can comprehend.
Comprehension, that is a truly frightening thing.
We play with words, we are those that can immortalize, and those that can do what must be said and say what must be done.
It is confusion, this comprehension, and in the midst of it all, it is the single word that carries power, the one among all that is ever elusive, ever there, always waiting for us to return to, to remind us what it is that drives us, what keeps the fountain flowing.
Every last soul that has ever put ink to paper, ever put finger to key, every vague idea that swirls inward from the maelstrom we call the world, the universe, and everything in between and without.
For everything that could come, for everything that has and will come, we are there. We are the ones that do not deny the voice that tells us, “this must come to pass”, or “this must be remembered”.
It is who we are, what we do, and through everything, it is the lifeblood of those who cherish this timeless art form, this undeniable urge to say, in their own manner, “I AM”.
We are not gods, we create, and yet in the process, we are created. It is our words, penned and copied throughout the ages that have helped to shape the world, to say that, “WE ARE”, that “WE EXIST”.
Whether tyrant or savior, good or evil, saint or sinner, the words that are put to time’s test are those that will come to define the world we know. Memory is not enough, though it serves.
As do we.
We are the lords of creation, the ones whose words will last and echo into the ages, for all to see, and all to remember.
Is it truth?
The better question is: Does it matter?
We are the lords and ladies of creation, and by our words, the world we know is shaped, molded, and given to the next generation, and so on and so forth until the whole mess ends, only to be rebuilt, and to crumble again.
We are the lords and ladies of Creation, and this is our legacy.



Complicit (part VI)

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It was glorious.

Some people had committed suicide, some had turned off their service and disappeared from the internet entirely, leaving him to wonder just whether they’d come back under a different account or not. It didn’t matter, he’d watched as even Twitter and Facebook had come under fire for the virus that had attacked certain users that had been seen to take their lives within the past few weeks or had quit in droves, something he’d not anticipated.

No one in history had ever shaken either of the social media titans to their core in such a manner, and the most beautiful part of it was that none of it had led back to him. Aaron felt a little guilty for having linked it to one of Edward’s old accounts, thinking to make it look like an act of revenge that would come about only upon his passing. The dynamics of it were complicated and would be figured out eventually, but it still wouldn’t trace back to him.

Edward would appear as the complicit party in the effective hounding of the people that had done the same to him, and as a result the authorities could question him all they want. They had in fact for a week or so, but they’d found nothing. He’d covered his tracks far too well, and had made sure that his friend got the justice he deserved. It seemed petty, it seemed unreal, but it had happened, and he’d made certain that the people who had messed with his friend to such a degree had felt just what he had in the last few moments of his life.

Karma wasn’t always a bitch. Sometimes she needed help.

The End

Complicit (part V)

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It happened in day. That was all the time it took for him to set it up, to unleash it on the people responsible, and to make sure his tracks were covered. Being a tech nerd had its advantages, and it allowed him to do things that some folks could never dream of since he knew how to install a virus within a program that people would enjoy and he knew how to keep it from corrupting his own system. Now all he wanted to know was who was going to be prove to be the stronger of the bunch and who was going to succumb.

He’d hidden the virus in the one thing that he knew many people could say no to, though he also knew that the chances of some folks finding it and actually buying into what it said would be slim. There were so many scams on the internet these days that fishing for suckers was becoming less and less profitable for hackers and scam artists around the world. But there were still some things that could draw people in without question, and free money was still a hard lure to resist, especially when it came with what looked like an official email that would bear checking out by many of the people that received it.

The personalized emails had taken a bit of time to write, but only because he’d needed to add each individual name from the list onto each separate missive. It had been important to make it seem as real as possible, and to get the people to click the GO button at the bottom of the screen. That was when the fun started.

he hadn’t bothered giving the virus a name, as he was certain that someone else would do that. He was just interested in what it would do.

(to be concluded)

The Mountains We Climb

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Some never see the top

They view the summit from afar.

Some see the climb and decide to stop.

They make do with where they are.

Those that climb risk limb and life

Reputation, name, and sanity all.

Through the days, the months, the years, the strife

With knowledge that sooner or later every last person must fall.

The mountains we climb, in life the challenges we face.

Are terms of endearment, a challenge, a yearning.

These things we desire are not part of a race.

But of a life we are constantly earning.

Don’t let someone’s opinion of who you are and what you do dampen your passion for what you do. Keep climbing and reach the peak, and let them worry about their own place on the mountain.

Complicit (part IV)

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Finding them all took time. Some of them didn’t have the balls or the lack of intelligence to put their personal information online, while others gave everything. In this digital age some people thought they were untouchable, unassailable, and could get away with saying whatever they wanted online without punishment or judgment. Edward had been a victim of that mentality, and while Aaron had done what the chief had said, he’d thought about it very hard as he’d taken the list and made his way to his car, the final choice was never in question.

There were 44 names on the list of individuals that the chief had pulled up, and of those 44 he’d found names and addresses for all of them. That hadn’t been enough however since after going through the tweets and and chats and various other messages he’d decided to rank them based on the severity of the words that had been used. It was an extremely anal thing to do, but he’d seen no other way. There was no point in punishing some for the overt crimes of a few.

But one way or another they were all going to pay. He was going to see to it.

(to be continued)

Inspirational Quote

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I really wish I could lay claim to quotes like this but someone else did say it best the first time so it’s easy to agree. Don’t let folks that see fit to attack, harass, or otherwise try to bring you down in any way affect your day. You’ere already ahead just by moving forward.

Maybe one day those that are trying to distract you will learn this and move on to better things.